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How to Become a Partner with AscendEX

AscendEX Affiliate Program

To build and strengthen strategic partnership with global influencers and community leaders, AscendEX is excited to invite all KOLs, community leaders, and digital asset enthusiasts to join our Affiliate program to share commissions and ideas for digital asset industry growth.

Referral Structure Overview

How to Become a Partner with AscendEX
- Cash Trading: Up to 40% of referral cash trading fee;

- Futures Trading: Two-Tiered 40% + 10%

AscendEX Affiliate Program starters can get 40% of referral futures trading fee as commission. Starters can invite new affiliate (i.e. sub-affiliate) and get an extra 10% commission from their sub-affiliates tier-1 referral network;

- Rebate: You can share rewards with your invitee at any rate of rebate.

Program Benefit Highlights

How to Become a Partner with AscendEX
- Strategic Partnership with global digital asset financial platform as an affiliate;

- Double-up Commission for Cash trading referral up to 40%; Futures trading referral, Tier 1 40% Tier 2 10%. (higher than other exchanges);

- Fee Discount: One VIP level higher than your current level;

- Customized Promotion leveraging platform’s media resources and events;

- Exclusive Service Benefits: dedicated online account manager; media analytic support for tracking and reporting promotional effects; exclusive rewards such as airdrop, platform-related holiday gifts; meet-up; invitation to test new features.

Program Eligibility

How to Become a Partner with AscendEX
- KOL: KOL and social media influencers with large number of followers across digital asset industry

- Community Host: Crypto community leaders with active users.

- Blogger: Social media bloggers with consistent and high-quality content generation.

- Tool Developer: Creators of practical trading tools, such as BotQuant, to facilitate trading for investors.

- Seasoned Trader: Professional traders with extensive trading experience and proven track record.

Application Process

  1. Complete and submit the Application Forms: Cash Affiliate Application- Futures Affiliate Application. The application will be reviewed within three business days.
  2. Once the review is completed, you can share invitation link to refer friends to AscendEX and earn your exclusive referral rewards and fee discount for your friends now!

Affiliate rewards are subject to real-time market adjustment. AscendEX reserves the final rights of interpretation of the Affiliate Program. Please stay tuned for official announcements for any changes of rules.

Referral Program

AscendEX Futures has two Referral Programs – the first is accessible to all platform users’ and the second is a VIP program for AscendEX Ambassadors.

AscendEX Futures employs a Referral Programs to incentivize users to refer others from their network. Existing users that refer others are “AscendEX Affiliates.” AscendEX Affiliates receive a up to 40% of total trading fees ("Affiliate Commissions") paid by the users they have referred (each a "Referred User"), in USDT. USDT payouts for Affiliate Commissions are made directly into the Affiliate’s AscendEX wallet. New users that sign-up using an AscendEX Affiliate’s unique referral code will be flagged as a Referred User for the respective AscendEX Affiliate. Referred Users receive a 10% fee discount for 1 year after sign-up.

Each Referred User generates Affiliate Commissions for the first ONE year after onboarding. The percentage of total trading fees paid by Referred Users to be paid to the AscendEX Affiliate as Affiliate Commissions depends on the aggregate gross trading volume of all the AscendEX Affiliates referrals. See the below table for details:
How to Become a Partner with AscendEX
Note: VIP 5 BLP accounts are not eligible Referred Users for Affiliate Commission payouts; however, their trade activity will count towards Aggregate Trade Volume for the AscendEX Affiliate that has referred them.

Additionally, an AscendEX Affiliate can redistribute a % of their Affiliate Commissions to their network of Referred Users.

Overview of AscendEX Future’s Referral Program
How to Become a Partner with AscendEX
Note: VIP 5 BLP accounts are not eligible Referred Users for Affiliate Commission payouts; however, their trade activity will count towards Aggregate Trade Volume for the AscendEX Affiliate that has referred them.

How to Refer Friends?

Step 1: Log in to your AscendEX account, click on [Referral] and go to the Referral page.
How to Become a Partner with AscendEX
Step 2: Copy “My Invitation Code” or “Personal Referral Link” on the Referral page and send it to your friends. You can check referral status after they sign up successfully through the referral code or link.
How to Become a Partner with AscendEX
Step 3: Click on the “Modify” button, update the Rebate Factor and then you can share a proportion of referral rewards with your friends.

For example, if your Referral Ratio is 25% and choose to update the Rebate Factor to 20% (as shown below), then your friends will get 5% (25%*20%) of referral reward as rebate. In this case, your will receive 20% (25%-5%) referral reward.
How to Become a Partner with AscendEX

About AscendEX

Launched in 2018, AscendEX (formerly BitMax) is a leading global digital asset financial platform founded by a group of Wall Street quantitative trading veterans, servicing retail and institutional clients in over 200 countries and regions of the world. Building on the core value of “Efficiency, Resilience and Transparency,” AscendEX continues the tradition of innovation, and the commitment to driving operational excellence from product design to industry partnership expansion.

AscendEX has clearly set itself apart from other competitors as the top-tier financial platform with its full integration of “Cash – Margin – Futures - Staking – DeFi Mining.” BTMX, the platform native utility token, now ranks one of top 100 crypto assets by market capitalization. AscendEX has ranked top 3 among global trading platforms by ROI, per industry research data.
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