AscendEX Launches Port Finance (PORT) Pre-Staking - 100% Est. APR

AscendEX Launches Port Finance (PORT) Pre-Staking - 100% Est. APR
  • Promotion Period: 14 Days
  • Promotions: 100% Est. APR

To support the ongoing growth of Port Finance (PORT), AscendEX has launched Pre-Staking for PORT. AscendEX users can now stake PORT to earn rewards of 100% est. APR. Port Finance (PORT) Pre-Stakings est. APR will be adjusted to 50% starting from August 28 at 12:00 a.m. UTC, 2021.

PC: Click here to participate in PORT Pre-Staking
App: Click [Staking] on the homepage to participate in Pre-Staking.

See below for Pre-Staking details:
PORT Pre-Staking
Token PORT
Est. APR 100%
Minimum Delegation Amount 100 PORT
Maximum Delegation Amount N/A
Minimum Staking Period Unstake Tokens Anytime
Reward Calculation Starting Time T+1 Days
Reward Distribution Starting Time T+2 Days
Reward Distribution Cycle Daily
Regular Unbinding Period 14 Days
Instant Unbinding Supported
Instant Unbinding Fee 4%
Minimum Unbinding Amount 100 PORT
Staked Assets used as Margin Collateral Not Available Now
Compound Mode Supported

Please note:
  1.     By participating in a pre-staking project, users will be required to lock up their tokens to earn rewards.
  2.     Pre-staking permits users to unstake tokens at any time.
  3.     Pre-staking projects offer an instant unbinding service that allows users to claim staked tokens immediately with a small fee even during the unbinding period.
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